June 18, 2021

Tasneem Sadok joins the Nectow Lab

Tasneem joins our lab after recently graduating from UCLA, Class of 2021, working in the lab of Lindsay De Biase. Welcome, Tasneem! LEARN MORE

November 8, 2020

Our viral technologies review is published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience

This review, in collaboration with Eric Nestler, outlines the key principles and properties of viruses that enable their use as efficient tools for dissecting neural function. LEARN MORE

October 25, 2020

Nectow Lab receives Addgene’s Blue Flame Award

Addgene’s Blue Flame Award recognizes investigators with a plasmid that has been distributed more than 100 times. The lab was recognized for our vTRAP plasmid, pAAV-FLEX-EGFPL10a. LEARN MORE

August 27, 2020

Srikanta (Srikanth) Chowdhury joins the Nectow Lab

Srikanth joins us from the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh, after recently completing his PhD in Neuroscience with Akihiro Yamanaka at Nagoya University in Japan. Welcome, Srikanth! LEARN MORE

July 23, 2020

Michael Hill-Oliva joins the Nectow Lab

Michael joins our lab after recently graduating from Princeton University, Class of 2020, completing a senior thesis with Danelle Devenport. Welcome, Michael! LEARN MORE